Ghanaian businesses will need to begin switching to virtual meetings, remote jobs and online applications as Artificial Intelligence takes over workplaces.

According to the Human Resource Manager of Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans, Michael Adu Gyamfi, the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has re-echoed the need for individuals and organizations to adapt to new technologies.

A number of business owners and employees are faced with challenges in achieving organisational goals and objectives.

These career challenges are partly attributed to the corona virus pandemic.

According to Mr Adu Gyamfi, the recent dynamics in the working environment will lead to redundancy.

He was speaking at the Career Day Event 9.0, organised by the No Business as Usual Hub, under the theme “Career Challenges: Acceptance or Pre-emptive Mitigation?”

“McKenzie’s theory propounds that by 2030; about 8 million employees will be out of jobs. It is far-fetched for those of us in Ghana. It will take some time before we get there. However, we need to be prepared adequately. It may come sooner than we think.

“Though human beings control technology, we are the ones spearheading technology for our good. The advent of technology will increase and seriously compete with staff. We will need to step up, be technologically inclined so we are able to fight back as employees,” he encouraged.

Mr. Adu-Gyamfi encouraged the youth to leverage social media for personal and business branding.

“Entrepreneurs and individuals wanting to enter into the corporate world need to be abreast with certain trends technology is taking. With branding, we can leverage on social media and harness it for our good. We should not only use it for facebooking or showing off to friends.

“Use social media to brand your businesses. Use it to connect to other foreign business brands. This will improve our business and ensure profitability”, he said.

Programs Manager SBs/PPPs NBU Project, Vincent Ohene Ntow advised the youth to network more.

He believes maintaining a healthy relationship with your network brings opportunities.