Ghanaian Times:

Ejura C’ttee Report: 2 bereaved families to be compensated, 3 other injured persons to benefit

Police deploy personnel in Tema, Accra to combat crime

2 armed robbers shot dead

4 assemblies give approval to MMDCE nominees


The Finder:

Govt considering buying a bigger jet to save cost – Eugene Arhin

Tourism to unlock economic potentials and help reduce incidence of poverty

Over $300m of $1bn IMF money to fund 2021 budget execution – BoG


Daily Guide:

I bought silicon belly for GHS30, says azaa Taadi woman

Ejura victims’ families to get compensation

BoG stops GHS1, GHS2 notes

2 daylight ‘robbers’ killed


Daily Graphic:

Averting food shortages in schools: Education Ministry streamlines supply chain

Ejura committee recommends compensation for families

Domestic tourism, way to sustain industry – GTA

‘Sex for freedom’ policeman remanded


The Chronicle:

Ghana to acquire bigger prez jet – Jubilee House reveals

Drama as assassination suspect fails to appear in court

Five lawyers defend suspected Takoradi prankster

Dame secures foreign scholarship for lawyers, judges


Crusading Guide:

Takoradi ‘pregnant’ woman granted GHS50,000 bail

Ghana experiencing sustained economic recovery – BoG



SSNIT saves GHS16.4m deleting 22,920 ghost names

Use electronic payments channels to prevent robbery attacks – GhIPSS boss

Inflation, fiscal, debt pressures keep policy rate static again


ABC News:

Govt delivering on Sinohydro deal

Takoradi: Woman pleads not guilty in court for ‘fake’ pregnancy and kidnapping


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