The Tour Operators Union of Ghana (TOUGHA), on Friday, November 26, 2021, launched the ‘Tougha Newsletter,’ the maiden publication of the Union.

The 44-page, full-colour brochure is awash with information on the activities of TOUGHA including tours to sites and destinations and donations to selected orphanages in various parts of the country.

The Union’s support towards promoting domestic tourism is also given much prominence in the new publication. Readers can also learn about travel tips in Ghana in the newsletter.

Tour Operators' Union of Ghana outdoors maiden newsletter

Several articles, including one by TOUGHA President, Alisa Osei-Asamoah on domestic tourism is also featured. Also contained in the newsletter are pages where almost all members of TOUGHA and their contact information can be found.

The colouful launch event at the Labadi Beach Hotel attracted a broad spectrum of Ghana’s tourism industry stakeholders, both public and private, traditional authorities, academia and the media.

 Mrs. Osei-Asamoah described as historic, the publication of the newsletter. “Indeed, this is a day that I have looked forward to for a really long time. This day marks yet another important milestone in the forward march of our beloved union,” she said.

She added that the newsletter seeks to offer a credible and authoritative medium for disseminating critical industry information, analysis of sector trends, and among others, offer alternatives to policy initiatives and inspire right partnerships and penetration into unexplored products of the country’s tourism sector.

Tour Operators' Union of Ghana outdoors maiden newsletter

Mrs. Osei-Asamoah postulated: “TOUGHA is contributing this newsletter as a tool that we believe can perform a useful role in facilitating the creation of a more congenial environment for sustainable growth and development of the travel and tourism industry in Ghana.” She also took the opportunity to express her deepest appreciation to the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and the Ghana Tourism Authority for their unflinching support and encouragement over the years to the leadership of TOUGHA.

 The TOUGHA President, Mrs. Alisa Osei Asamoah was full of praise to the Founding Members, Advisory Board, Past Presidents and Members of the Tour Operators Union of Ghana as well as the various Tourism Trade Associations who collaborate effectively with them to ensure the realisation of a vibrant tourism sector.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Arts and Culture, Mark Okraku Mantey congratulating TOUGHA also highlighted the significant role in Ghana’s tourism, stating that “We could not call ourselves a Ministry of Tourism without TOUGHA.” He said the Ministry would continue to partner and work with the Union to achieve the goals of building a robust tourism sector for the country.

Tour Operators' Union of Ghana outdoors maiden newsletter

Also pledging their continuous support and collaboration was the CEO of the Ghana Tourism Development Company, Kwadwo Odame Antwi who also spoke on behalf of the Ghana Tourism Authority CEO, Akwasi Agyeman.

A representative of Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the Life Patron of TOUGHA, Manwerehene Baffour Osei Hyiaman Bretuo VI commended the initiative to publish a newsletter. Calling for more support from the Ministry and its agencies for the Union, the Manwerehene said TOUGHA has over the years established itself as a formidable body for which reason the doors of the Asantehene were open to them on the regular.

Tour Operators' Union of Ghana outdoors maiden newsletter

Alongside the launch of the newsletter, founding members of TOUGHA were also given citations of honour for their pioneering role in establishing the Union. Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Awal and CEO of Ghana Tourism Authority, Akwasi Agyeman were also presented with citations for constantly supporting TOUGHA’s activities and Ghana’s tourism.

 The evergreen Winneba Youth Choir and whiz kid, Nakeeyat were also in attendance to serenade patrons with beautiful music renditions and poetry performance respectively with exciting cultural music and dance also on display.

An e-version of the newsletter is available for download at

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