The health and sanitation situation of the people of Tsevikope and its surrounding communities in Manu Electoral Area of the Kadjebi District in the Volta Region is worsening by the day.

The people of these communities do not have good source of water for use.

The townsfolks, especially women and children have to walk more than half a mile to fetch very dirty and stagnated water located at a rice farm.

As if the dirt in the water is not enough, the residents have also noticed that some chemicals sprayed on the rice farm seep into their only source of water.

A resident of the community, who only identified himself as Kofi said; "We lack potable water here and the source of water is muddy which ends up infesting us with all kinds of diseases. Our roads are also in terrible conditions which hinder access to other communities and some women in labor end up delivering on the road or even losing their lives .We are suffering immensely hence our cry for help".

According to the Assemblyman of the area, Abdul Raman Ibrahim Baba, the situation has led to some people experiencing heartburns with other serious health conditions such as, blood in urine by the men, miscarriages and premature birth by pregnant women in the community, a claim yet to be confirmed by medical experts.

An alternative source of water in the village which is the Menu River is also located more than a mile from the residents.

Meanwhile, Borehole projects started by the district Assembly between 2011 and 2012 have stalled.

Until something very urgent is done about the water situation in Tsivikope and its environs, residents would have to continue to drink from the dirty stagnant water that has been polluted by chemicals from the rice farm.

Residents are appealing to authorities to come to their aid.