Giovani Caleb and Edward Quayson of UBA performing the launch

United Bank for Africa (Ghana) Limited has pioneered a new way of banking through a chatbot called Leo on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The historic launch of the product “LEO” was virtually done through a livestreaming on social media anchored by the renowned TV and radio personality, Giovanni Caleb.

Speaking at the launch, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of UBA Ghana, Mr. Isong Udom noted, “the world is changing and particularly as a result of Covid-19 and our bank is adapting to every possibility technology presents.”

“LEO product has been developed painstakingly to answer the call of the time where little or no human intervention is required. LEO as an answer to our customers’ dissatisfaction with the status quo and the best thing to happen to Ghana.

“Banking through LEO has integrated all our offerings from account opening to customer service on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for the comfort and convenience of our customers”, Mr. Udom stated.

He added UBA Ghana is proud to have stepped up to the challenge as a trailblazer in providing unrivalled convenience for our customers all over the world. Leo has been tried, tested and refined as it is presently working wonders in 19 African countries where UBA operates.

Speaking on the product features, Head of Digital Banking Sales Mr. Kenneth Ugwuanyi explained, “LEO is a personal banker, for the first time, you can bank on social media!”

“Simply exchange pleasantries with LEO to initiate a conversation and LEO will chat you into  opening an account, checking your account balance, transferring funds, mobile money transactions, paying  utility bills, airtime top up, Savings and spend limit, Linking of additional accounts, Customer care and other Banking Services such as request / stop / confirm cheques, block card, log & track complaints, ATM / Branch locator, freeze on account,  and so much more. Convenience has never meant more,” he added.

He said all that customers or potential customers have to do is to save the number 0577822822 and initiate a chat on WhatsApp by typing Hi, Hello, Charle etc. Similarly, they can search for UBA ChatBanking on Facebook messenger and initiate a chat.

Just like Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, UBA’s LEO has been designed to deliver personalised experience,” he stated.

“Leo is a personal relationship officer and a friend, the more you use it, the better it understands you. No two customers will have the same experience with LEO over time. Each customer shall be treated with uniqueness based on their individual needs and demands.

“LEO is your friend, one who is available for you every single second, every single minute of the entire year. LEO is your personal banker, one who is available to provide all the answers you need to your banking enquiries. LEO is UBA, a trustworthy partner that always works to ensure your best interests.”

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