The United Bank for Africa has set up an SME unit mandated to provide support for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Speaking at a workshop in Accra, Deputy Managing Director for the Bank, Sylvia Inkoom, explained that considering the immense contribution of SMEs towards the growth of the economy, it has become necessary to provide unflinching support to ensure their sustainability.

“The SME sector contributes a big chunk of the value of value and volume of economic activities that go on in the country. It’s the same globally, so for any serious business, you’ll definitely have to consider your approach to the SME segment,” she said.

“In view of this, UBA has taken a relook at its approach towards the segment and refocused on doing serious business with SMEs. As a result, we have come out with an SME business unit,” she added.

UBA is a leading pan-African financial services institution with a global footprint. It has a clear purpose to be a role model for African businesses by creating superior value for all our stakeholders.

For more than seven decades, the bank has provided superior financial services to small businesses, corporations, governments, institutions, and individuals globally.

The latest to be introduced by the bank is an SME unit tasked to provide requisite support to SMEs.

Addressing the gathering at the workshop, which focused on “overcoming SMEs credit accessibility constraints in Ghana,” the Deputy Managing Director entreated customers not to hesitate to visit the SME unit when they visit any UBA since well-trained personnel will not hesitate to provide the necessary support.

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