Students of the University of Ghana’s Commonwealth and Mensah Sarbah halls clashed on Friday over the delay in announcing the Students Representative Council (SRC) election results.

They pelted stones and broken bottles at each other following delays in announcing the winner.

Both groups of students massed up in front of the UG SRC office and chanted ‘Jama songs’ with only a few students forming a barrier between the two.

Eventually, the two groups clashed violently hurling missiles at each other.

In a video circulating on social media, sighted by, personnel from the Ghana Police Service could be seen at the scene trying to bring calmness.

The presidential election is being keenly contested between Prince Asumadu and Amos Ofosu, both third-year students and heavily backed by both the governing New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress.

The first round of the election returned no winner for the Presidential race between the two candidates.

The election was held partly in person and online due to the modular system of learning adopted by the University after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The results held at the various hall polling stations, have been declared with provisional results showing Prince Asumadu and his running mate, Wisdom Ndukwe maintaining a healthy lead.

However, the online election in which over 7,000 students voted has still not been declared at the time of publishing this story, although the results from the online election will ultimately decide who will win the election.

There has been police reinforcement on campus to quell the violence.

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