The Ukrainian Embassy in Nigeria has refuted claims that it has asked hundreds of Nigerians who thronged their premises to pay $1000 each for their air ticket or visa.

In a statement issued by Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy noted that the Ukrainian government is not admitting foreign volunteer fighters.

Since news broke that the Nigerians who besieged the Ukraine Embassy to help the war-torn country fight the Russians must pay $1,000, many citizens of the most populated African country have reacted.

Many took to social media to register their displeasure.

They lamented that the cost of travelling to Ukraine is too high.

But the spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Francisca Omayuli, set things straight in the Monday press release.

According to her, the Ukraine Embassy “dissociated itself from the claim that it is requesting $1,000 from each Nigerian volunteer for air ticket and visa.”

Ukrainian Embassy dispels claims of requesting $1000 from Nigerian volunteers

Mrs Omayuli also added that Nigeria discourages the use of mercenaries anywhere in the world.

She noted that Nigeria is a responsible member of the international community will not tolerate the recruitment of Nigerians as mercenaries to fight in Ukraine or anywhere else in the world.

“The Federal Government will continue to engage with the Embassy of Ukraine in Nigeria and other relevant authorities to prevent this possibility.”