Three league matches, two draws and a win. A point behind league leaders and yet Phobians seem unhappy with the output of the Portuguese trainer.

This has been the fate of Sergio Tranguil since assuming the role as head coach of Hearts of Oak.

Fans were always going to be skeptical about the trainer because of the rapport they had with ex-coach Kenichi Yatsuhashi. Attendance has dwindled but in reality, the quality and style of play of the Phobians has improved.

In terms of numbers, he has outperformed the Japanese American against the same opponents but that is quickly overlooked. Kenichi picked two points out of a possible nine against Dreams, Liberty and Aduana while Sergio has picked five out of a possible nine.

Every football fan wants his team to win. The aesthetics are only a bonus especially for a club who want the first league title in seven years.

But the Phobians have to be in awe of how he has transformed the team within a fortnight in charge. These two weeks have included matchday as well as days used to recover from previous games and yet his stamp is a wee bit visible on the team.

It takes support from all and sundry in the Hearts camp to lead the club to the promised land-league title.

There have been talks of an ultimatum in the media but Sergio has blatantly denied the claims

“I have no information like that. In any case, if there is an ultimatum like that, I don’t know and it does not put me under pressure. I’m not under pressure.”

The Portuguese trainer however must be the first to know goals win games and his side will be duly punished if they continue to fluff their lines infront of goal.

“Yes I’m not happy with the numerous chances going astray but I am working hard for the players to adapt to my tactics of which they are gradually improving, I would have to give them more time to fully adapt.”

All in all, Sergio Tranguil and Hearts could be a perfect match, as to whether he will be given the chance to implement his ideas, time will tell.

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