Recounting the historical ties between Liberia and Ghana and their joint role in Africa’s independence movement, the Deputy UN Envoy in Liberia, Mr Jordan Ryan, has paid special tribute to Ghanaian peacekeepers in Liberia during a medal awards ceremony for the Ghanaian contingent serving in the United Nations Mission in Liberia, UNMIL.

“We pay special tribute to Ghana and Ghanaian peacekeepers for coming to Liberia at various difficult stages of the civil conflict to help restore the peace that Liberians are enjoying today,” he said in a statement released by the UN Information Centre in Accra.

He added that these sacrifices, hard work and contributions made towards maintaining peace and security in Liberia were being formally appreciated through the award of the UN peacekeeping medals to the troops.

The ceremony took place at Careysburg, some 50 kilometres north-east of Monrovia.

Mr Ryan, who is the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Recovery and Governance, commended the contingent for its valuable contribution towards the fulfillment of UNMIL’s mandate.

He highlighted the progress achieved since the end of the civil conflict and since the election of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and urged the Ghanaian soldiers to continue to be vigilant, especially in maintaining security.

“We must continue to work to provide a secure environment that allows the quick recovery of Liberia to go forward,” the UN Deputy Envoy stressed.

After reviewing the officers, men and women on parade, the Deputy UN Envoy commended the contingent commander, Brigadier-General Emmanuel Quist, for his excellent leadership, and congratulated the soldiers, for their professionalism, discipline and dedication.

Source: GNA


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