The University of Ghana Medical Center (UGMC) has taken Covid-19 related health service provision to another level with the introduction of a new care coordination service called Covid Connect.

In partnership with the Health Ministry and supported by entrepreneurial organization PharmAccess Foundation, Covid Connect will offer individuals a range of services including care management and monitoring.

Country Director for PharmAccess Ghana, Dr Maxwell Antwi at the launch of the app said, “It is more than an application; it is a service which allows persons to monitor their health in relation to key symptoms of Covid-19, from the comfort of their homes, offices and other locations.’’

All one would require is a smartphone. Then depending on the operating system of the person’s phone i.e Android or IOS, one can proceed to download the Luscii application from App store or playstore.

Why Covid Connect?

Dr Antwi noted, “the public’s need for real-time access to trusted and dedicated service for corona self-help information, self-monitoring and management have become urgent, since the outbreak of the virus.”

A team of dedicated health workers in a coordination Center at the University of Ghana Medical Center is at hand to monitor symptoms of individuals from the application.

UGMC’s status as one of the treatment centres for Covid-19 means health workers at the Center will be able to provide adequate care for patients.

Chief Executive Officer of UGMC Dr Darius Osei said the innovation is a game-changer in the battle against the pandemic which is sweeping across nations the world over.

“With this service, Patients can be questioned to have a real-time situation in which they find themselves.

Dr. Osei reiterated, “once the symptoms put you in the medium term, it immediately triggers to the Center for necessary action.”

For the service to be effective, a coordination centre with a team of more than twenty health workers has been setup.

CEO of UGMC, Dr Osei is confident “the 30 medical staff and the equipment provided allows them to interact with subscribers.

“The data is analysed – because most of these patients have comorbidities – Hypertension, diabetes, which must be managed.”

Senior specialist, Bioethics and Palliative Care at the University of Ghana Medical Center, Dr Ama Edwin lauds the service.

“You get a response within 24 hours of your enquiry – assuming your indicators and vitals keyed into the application, make it probable that you may have Covid-19, the immediate processes will be activated,” she told

Dr Edwin revealed based on the indicators recorded, a decision would be taken with to meet the patient at home, or even recommend hospital care.

For now, only residents in the Greater Accra Region can access and take advantage of the innovation.

If you are home – and probably have a cough, or temperature rise – well, do not fret yet –Dr. Maxwell Antwi outlines what you can do to get help through the Covid Connect system…

  1. Go to Playstore or App store
  2. Search for Luscii app and install
  3. Fill in personal details including symptoms and follow the prompts…