Dr Patrick Kuma –Aboagye- Director General of GHS

Director-General of the Ghana Health Service, Dr Patrick Kuma-Aboagye has advised Ghanaians to stick to the compliance of Covid-19 protocols albeit there are vaccines.

He called on Ghanaians not to let their guard down as government works around the clock to secure more vaccines.

“Well I think that even if you take the vaccines today, you may take the vaccine before you start working and so vaccine our best, best is adherence to the protocols and that’s what we all need to look at and then the vaccines will come, the vaccine will save us in the next few months probably in the years ahead,” he said.

The GHS boss also assured that the nation is going all out to get some more vaccines to deal with the spread of the Covid-19.

“There are other efforts being made to secure vaccines as quickly as possible. We had a very good window when the second wave ended and that we had a very good opportunity, we had access to vaccines as we try it would have saved us a lot but I still think that we must still be able to get vaccines throughout,” he said.

He added that “because we got a certain unit of our vaccination in the hotspot, it has also helped in averting some of the Covid-19 cases.”

This comes as the GHS announced the loss of three more lives to the novel coronavirus disease Covid-19

Bringing the total number of deaths recorded to 815 as of July 15.

In its latest update, the Service noted that the number of active and new cases stands at 3,124 and 815 respectively.

With the additional cases reported, the total cases confirmed by the Ghana Health Service is 99,160. Out of this number, 95,221 persons have recovered and been discharged from the various health facilities.

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