A Virologist at the Kumasi Center for Collaborative Research, is calling for stronger surveillance measures to prevent escalation of Covid-19 cases.

Dr. Michael Owusu who supports the government’s use of  heavy restriction with a flexible approach, says the lifting of  lockdown will make no impact if Ghanaians misconstrue it for relaxation of surveillance protocols.

“It depends largely on the behaviour of us citizens and also the policy directions of government.

The surveillance measures will have to be stronger than before; social distancing must be practiced than before. The hygienic practice must be more stronger than before. Theoretically it is good.

“If people go by their normal duties and relax these measures, my fear is that we may begin to have an increase in cases,” he said.

Dr. Owusu says security operatives should be maintained on the streets for continued enforcement of preventive measures, including mandatory wearing of nose masks and use of hand sanitisers.

“The police and security must ensure that all the measures are enforced. For me, if you go out now and you don’t have a bottle of sanitiser in your pocket, the security should be able to tell you to go home.

If you don’t have a nose mask, you should be returned,” he fired.

Members of the police-military team enforcing Covid-19 protocols, have been recalled to the barracks, less than 24-hours after the restrictions on movement was lifted.

But Dr. Michael Owusu holds different idea.

“I don’t think security should go out now. The security now should be even more in town and should begin to observe that people take the social distancing more seriously.”

Dr. Owusu who is also a lecturer at Department of Medical Diagnostics at KNUST, wants all Ghanaians to be compelled to wear face masks.

He says strict enforcement and compliance are key to winning the fight.

“I don’t expect wearing of nose masks to be encouraged; I expect [wearing] nose masks to be mandatory that everywhere anybody goes, before you go to trotro or public transport, every gathering you go, the first thing is that you must be in nose mask.”