Vivo Energy Ghana Limited, the company that distributes and markets Shell-branded products and services in Ghana, has signed an agreement with Modex Oil Company Limited to operate all Modex service stations under the Shell brand.

A total of 28 Modex service stations have been rebranded in Shell colours and now sell Shell FuelSave fuels and Shell lubricants. This brings the total number of Shell service stations in Ghana to 207 sites.

At a special ceremony to officially transition and inaugurate the largest Modex service station at Tema Harbour Road, the Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Energy Group, Mr. Christian Chammas, said that the decision to operate Modex service stations under the Shell brand forms part of Vivo Energy’s growth agenda; increasing its footprint and bringing quality Shell products and services closer to motorists.

Mr. Chammas said: “Vivo Energy has the vision of becoming Africa’s most respected energy business. The operation of Modex service stations, which share similar values to those of Vivo Energy, is a step in the right direction to us achieving this vision. 

The Modex sites, and their high operational standards, are in line with Vivo Energy’s safety principles, making this partnership a fitting one.”

Mr. Chammas expressed his gratitude to the Chief Executive Officer of Modex Oil Company Limited, Mr. Kwabena Appiah, for making the right choice in selecting the Shell brand as its partner.

                               Vivo partners Modex and adds 28 Shell stations

The Managing Director of Vivo Energy Ghana, Mr. Ebenezer Faulkner added: “The former Modex service stations are strategically located, and will help to increase our market share and network size across Ghana. The convenient location of these sites will also make our products more accessible to motorists.”

In a speech read on his behalf, Mr. Appiah said that Modex was known for its supply reliability in delivering petroleum products with high standards. The partnership with Vivo Energy and the Shell brand – known for its quality products, innovation, high safety standards and excellent customer service – was therefore a natural move. 

“I am confident that this partnership will benefit both parties and look forward to a fruitful relationship with Vivo Energy Ghana,” said Mr. Appiah.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chammas also inaugurated today the newly-constructed Shell service station which features the quick service restaurant, Starbites, and an Infinity tyre centre at Tema Community 8.

This brings the total number of Shell service stations in Tema to 16, and makes Shell the oil marketing company with the largest presence in Tema.


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