The people of the Volta Region have been promised to enjoy massive development that will correspond with their contribution towards the creation of the next National Democratic Congress (NDC) government.

This assurance was given by Professor Joshua Alabi, a leading contender for the NDC flagbearship, when he addressed party footsoldiers at Agbozume in the Ketu South Constituency, on the second day of his tour of the Volta Region.

The Volta Region, politically described as the 'World Bank' of the NDC because is the only region which is the stronghold of the party. The NDC footsoldiers, in the meeting with Prof Alabi, however, expressed dissatisfaction with the level of development of the region. The party members cited bad roads like the Eastern Corridor and others as examples of neglect of the region.

In answering the concerns expressed by the party faithful, therefore, Prof Alabi said: "I agree with you. We have not given you our best push. But don't give up on us yet. I am assuring you that the President who will speed up the development of this region is coming and his name is Professor Joshua Alabi."

Earlier on Sunday, Prof Alabi challenged the delegates to trust him for their development, when he is elected President.

He proposed: "Let us sign a social contract today. Write it down or record me, if you want. I am committed to give you the best of developmental projects you have been waiting for. You'll have your fair share of my social intervention policies and you will see real human development here.”

“To get these, I ask of you to commit to pushing me to the office as President, so that I can fulfill my promises to you and my part of this contract," he added.