Voltic set up retail shops for widows in Kumasi

Voltic Ghana Limited has assisted two widows to establish fully stocked shops to retail Voltic products.

This is part of a programme to assist women who sell their products to be self-reliant and also acquire good management practices to improve their businesses.

Women empowerment is one of the company’s three pillars of corporate social responsibility after water safety and waste management.

The first person to be handed the shop is Rose Owusu who switched jobs over one year ago after the demise of her husband.

She who said she had it tough taking care of three children from her meagre earnings, added that things started stabilising when she joined the water selling business in Kumasi.

“I am more than happy today, I feel like crying. When my husband died I had friends and family help me take care of my children but they also had to take care of their own. Times are hard so such support is difficult to get,” she said.

Another benefactor, Doris Bilson, was in tears when she was handed her shop.

In two years, both women are expected to save enough to fully pay their rent and run the business on their own.

According to Bilson, they will employ proper business practices in running the businesses so they become better people.

“This is the time to practice all that we have learnt from the Voltic class. I hope that with all the things we studied our businesses will flourish,” she added.

Meanwhile, other female distributors have also undergone training in good business management practices.