The Head of the Civil Service says the Service is up for the challenge by the President to develop a program aimed at restructuring the Service to make workers productive.

Nana Agyekum Dwamena says what the Service needs is the pep talk to inspire them to push on to in their respective fields and do better.

“Let’s face it, this country cannot develop without a proper functioning public sector…so any statement that seems to suggest encourage us we take it in good faith,” he said.  

The Service made headlines when the President Nana Akufo-Addo during his May Day address lamented about the poor attitude of workers, which makes them less productive.

Speaking at a launch of the public service delivery training programme in Accra Monday, the deputy chief of staff Samuel Abu Jinapor handed the challenge of addressing the situation to the head of the Service.

“There are lots of public servants who are professional, hard working, honest and reliable people to do what is right by their conscience…but the civil servants in many African countries including ours have woefully failed to live up to expectation."

Governemt assembled officials from three countries for the training session on public service delivery programme, for which Mr Jinapor said participants “required to produce out of their training and deliberations concrete proposals for the restructuring and reforms of the respective civil services.

Mr Jinapor who promised government’s support in finding solutions to the canker added that, by doing so it will sharpen service delivery for the “enormous task ahead.”

In response, the Head of the Civil Service said it is imperative that the public sector is restructured since government has introduced new programs and they need to get the machinery to respond in the same manner.

“We have already started and we are working closely with the Office of the President to take the discussions forward,” Nana Dwamena added.