The Advocates for Christ Ghana has thrown its support behind the leadership of the Wesley Girls Senior High School for preventing a Muslim student from observing the 30-day fast.

Chairman of the Group, Edem Senanu in a statement acknowledged that Muslims and Christians in the country have coexisted peacefully by respecting each other’s values and spaces.

Thus, if Muslims want to attend Christian mission schools, then they are to observe the regulations of Christendom.

At the moment, Christians who attend Muslim or Islamic Mission Schools anywhere in Ghana, are required to strictly follow Islamic regulations, including the wearing of the Hijab, learning Islamic recitals and prayers, etc. and they do so.

“Similarly, we expect that Muslims attending Christian Mission Schools will observe any school regulations that are required, once they decide by themselves to choose a Christian school instead of an Islamic one,” Mr Senanu stated.

Last week, authorities of Wesley Girls SHS were accused of preventing Muslim students from fasting during the ongoing Ramadan period by a parent.

Ishmael Zakaria Alhassan stormed the premises of the Cape Coast-based school on April 26, to withdraw his ward, Bushira Ishmael from the school after receiving a call from his daughter over the school’s decision to not permit all students to fast.

He, however, rescinded his decision after Bushira Ishmael decided to stay after a discussion with the school’s Headmistress on the said matter.

The issue, which was reported by JoyNews has since become a major topic with many legislators and religious leaders calling on the school to reconsider its stance as it infringes on the rights of students.

But reacting to the concerns, Mr Senanu stated that students are not allowed to fast due to the academic pressures of school.

As such, “are encouraged to fast when they go home.”