Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu says Members of Parliament on his side who have been summoned by the Court over their procession to the Electoral Commission Head Office will use judicial processes to challenge the court summons.

He insists the NDC MPs committed no crime whatsoever when they marched to the EC headquarters to submit a petition stating their challenges with the recently held national elections and demanding the immediate collation of the 2020 Techiman South Constituency results.

According to him, the Parliamentary Police Service and the Marshall’s office had been adequately informed of their planned procession by the Minority Chief Whip, thus the Ghana Police Service had no justification barring them from submitting their petition and further taking them in court.

Addressing the media at Parliament, Monday, Mr Iddrisu said “the police is a state institution and they’re expected to be guided by Article 296 of the constitution to be candid in what they do. 

“And I’m challenging the Police Service that the Parliamentary Police Service were adequately informed by the whip, the Marshalls office was adequately informed by the whip on behalf of the Minority Caucus to embark on a peaceful procession and not a demonstration.

“You can go back to the video, we walked gallantly and freely, they rather tried to cause riot.”

Twenty Minority MPs including Haruna Iddrisu, were summoned to court following their procession to the Electoral Commission’s Head Office in Accra to hand over a petition to the Commission detailing their grievances with the electoral process.

However, they were barred from submitting their petition following an encounter with the police who claimed the NDC did not have the permit to undertake their procession.

The Police further charged them with unlawful assembly and they were to report to court, Monday to answer to their charges, but none of the 20 showed up.

Addressing the media at Parliament, Haruna Iddrisu said neither he nor his compatriots have been served any writ of summons from the court thus find no reason to go there.

He stated that should the court finally serve them a writ of summons, they will fight it.

“We will fight it legally and we’ll use the same judicial institution to safeguard and protect our liberty and freedoms. We are guardians of it and we jealously guard it,” he said.