GFA President Kurt Okraku

Kurt Okraku, the President of the Ghana Football Association, has revealed that the GFA have experienced challenges in paying referees, cameramen and other officials involved in the production of  Ghana football matches – but under the circumstances, they’ve largely kept their end of the bargain.

With both the Ghana Premier League and Division One League well into their respective seasons, service providers have told Joy Sports that their remunerations have not been forthcoming.

Okraku, in fielding this concern on the Joy Sports Link on Saturday, revealed that the football governing body have been paying the officials in batches since the start of the campaign. That said, he promised the next batch of payments will be done as fast as possible, as has been done in previous cases.

The FA boss gave some more context to the issues of paying match officials early.

“The issue we have has to do with regular flow of money. That is what we are concerned about,” he told Gary Al-Smith.

When asked about the payments of cameramen in the Division One League, he said: “I can’t answer when and how money will be paid. When we speak about management of the Premier League or Division One League and when we speak about the costs, it doesn’t only involve cameramen.”

“We talk about payments to referees, payments to Venue Media Officers, cameramen, security operatives, etc. What we started doing was to pay everybody in batches. We started with the first five games. We are done with the next set which is the next five games and the third batch will also be paid.”

“If you speak to the main actors, perhaps this is the best they had since they started working as match officials in the various leagues. Our end vision is to ensure that money is paid on weekly basis and we will continue to work on that. We have paid for the first five and are done with the second five. All of them should be receiving money at this time,” he added.

The 2020/21 Ghana Football season is expected to end later this year.