For many couples, sex plays a very important role in their marriage life. To some, it is an expression of love while others see it as the binding factor of the marriage.

However, the question of whether sex in marriage is a role or a service remains a matter of opinion.

On Friday, August 20, 2021 edition of JoyFM’s Super Morning Show, host Winston Amoah asked callers to share their views on the subject matter.

Of views sampled, the majority of callers into the show did not see sex as either a role or a service. To them, sex is a necessity in every marriage.

A caller who identified herself as Priscilla shared how exciting her sex life with her husband is. For her, sex in her marriage is not only an expression of love but also a time of excitement for both partners.

“I’ve been married for three years now. On September 1, we will be three years old but when I think about sex with my husband, this song by Kidi comes to mind, ‘I go kill you with enjoyment”, she said while singing the song on air.

“So when my husband comes home from work I’m at the door waiting for him.”

Another caller, Oladipo who phoned in from Koforidua has been married for 22 years. To him, sex in marriage is not overrated.

“I’ve never been denied sex and I enjoy my sex life with my wife,” he said.

“It doesn’t happen every day but we constantly have it as we want it. We (my wife and I) do have sex whenever we’re in the mood.”

Veronica from Tema shared a similar view. She stated that “there are a lot of things that can be outsourced in life; we can outsource cooking, we can outsource our laundry, but we cannot outsource sex in marriage.”

He further stated that “it is that portion of marriage that is so sacred that so much effort and attention should be given to it. And if every couple will approach it in that manner, they would have happy marriages.”

She sees sex in marriage as enjoyment, and a duty.

“You know sometimes, you’ll be so tired from work but if duty calls, you must respond. Just like the doctor who is on call to save a patient’s life, duty has called and I must respond.”

Nana Kweku who has been married for 10 years does not see sex as either a role or a service.

“It is a necessity. In fact, people have underrated sex in their marriages and that’s why they have problems in their marriage. If people will see sex as an important part of marriage and attach more seriousness to the activity, then there will be much love in marriages,” he said.

Another caller, Isaac Jones says sex is the foundation of the marriage. “As long as you are married, it can happen at any time. It’s like the salt in the soup. If it is good in the marriage, everything in the marriage becomes good.”

Counselor and Playwright Uncle Ebo Whyte brought closure to the matter. He said marriage is essentially a sexual institution.

He explained that sex is such that “it is not what makes a marriage but without sex, you can’t call it a marriage.”

“Because we have all kinds of relationships, we have relationships with our mates, siblings, parents, colleagues but sex does not have a place in any of them. It is only in marriage that it does. And so you can’t talk about being married if there’s no sex.

“Marriage is not just a service. It is what defines it and it is an essential and critical part of it. If you take it out call it any other name but not marriage,” he added.