Gborse Nicholas Mawunyah

The Adaklu District with its District Capital at Waya is one of the administrative districts in the Volta Region of Ghana. The district which is largely homogenous as it boasts of mainly people of the same ethnic stock is one of the most peaceful ones in the Region and beyond. The District is characterized by hills, mountains and lowlands. It is drained by a number of rivers. Being close to Adidome and Sogakope, the District is not far from the Volta Lake. Besides its District Capital of Waya, other bigger towns are Adaklu-Ahunda, Adaklu-Helekpe, Adaklu-Wumenu and Adaklu Abuadi, the Traditional Capital of the area.

Like most parts of Southern Ghana, the District experiences double maximum rainfall in a year. The rainfall pattern is characterized by two main rainy seasons: May-June and September-October. It boasts of the famous Adaklu Mountain and Kalakpa Game Reserve as some of the most important tourist sites in the Volta Region. The Adaklu Mountain which is 12km from Ho is 580m above sea level, and is surrounded by sceneries and caves harbouring tropical wild animals of different species. The mountain has the potential for paragliding activities considering that the people of the Volta Region are major patrons of Easter celebrations and traditional festivals such as Glidzi of the Adaklu, Tedudu of the Asogli and Hogbetsostso of the Anlo. The Kalakpa Game Production Reserve which is on the Ho- Ahunda-Sogakope stretch of the Ho to Accra road boasts of wildlife such as buffaloes, antelopes, baboons and different species of monkeys, birds and butterflies.

Being a district under one united Paramountcy, the area is an oasis of peace, serenity and order. Its people who are generally hospitable and welcoming are predominantly subsistence farmers. The area’s main natural endowments are litigation-free lands for agriculture, industry, services and warehousing. Being a stone throw away from the Volta Regional Capital, Ho, and Sogakope one of the commercial hubs of the Volta Region, the area is a good place for investment in real estate, agriculture, service industry and tourism.

With the sprawling development happening in Ho largely because of the establishment of the University of Health and Allied Sciences [UHAS], the elevation of the Trafalgar Hospital to a Teaching Hospital status as well as the increasing growth of the Ho Technical University, Adaklu is an ideal place for investment in real estate, student hostels, private residential facilities and entertainment centres. For banks and other financial institutions, pharmaceutical industries or hotels wishing to have a presence in the Volta Regional Capital, Adaklu is the most appropriate place because of its closeness to Ho and most big cities and towns in the region. The District is almost like the center of the Volta Region, and is few kilometres to Accra and Aflao respectively. Individuals who have their eyes firmly fixed on the establishment of private schools, hostels, casinos and petrol/gas filling stations, will find Adaklu more strategic for their plans. The road especially from Ho through Adaklu to Sogakope to Accra is one of the best and fastest in the country. Stable internet connectivity and network stability are largely guaranteed in most parts of the District.

At a time agriculture is becoming commercialized in Ghana, companies, churches, industries and individuals who wish to go into agriculture will not struggle to secure several acres of litigation-free lands for their enterprises be it cropping or animal husbandry. There are also opportunities for the establishment of integrated cassava processing plants for the production of gari, wheat flour for baking and cassava starch for industrial use. There is a willing and competent youth whose services and labour can be procured to work in these farms and other forms of construction in the area. 

The District is a major producer of cassava and its products such as gari and cassava dough which can be obtained at Adaklu-Ahunda on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Some of the notable cassava producing towns and villages in Adaklu are Adaklu-Ahunda, Kpeleho, Torda, Aziedukorpe, Ablornu, Sofa and Avedzi. The area is a major supplier of cassava and its products for the Mafi-Kumase market in the Central Tongu District.  The area also produces tomatoes in large quantities.

Blessed with ingenious and granite rocks, the District has huge potentials in the quarry industry. Currently, two quarry sites are located at Adaklu-Abuadi and Adaklu-Ahunda respectively. These sites provide quality gravels for road construction and other infrastructural development in Ho and most parts of the Volta Region. 

For those who are resident outside the Volta Region, next time you visit Ho or Sogakope, kindly do well to visit this serene place. Residents of the Volta Region are also encouraged to explore this beautiful area. For churches that want a peaceful environment for their prayer sessions and conventions, Adaklu offers you that opportunity.

Kindly do visit Adaklu.


The writer, Gborse Nicholas Mawunyah, is a writer and conference speaker on topical issues in education, political-history, school leadership and innovations. He is a native of Adaklu. You can contact him via:

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