Every champion needs the right comrades. Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Hercules, Sinbad, even fictional superheroes like Superman, Batman and the rest had comrades that helped them run their vision and mission. They had to choose rightly.

To be a mighty man does not only rest on your personal strengths and attributes. It is rather significantly tied to the kind of people you surround yourself with. The pride of a King is not his throne but rather his people. What is around you is what defines you.

Champions are not made forever. A time is coming, your age will betray you. Your strength will naturally diminish. This is the time you’d need your comrades to step up for you. Life is full of challenges. Some people even compare it to the art of war because it constitutes consistent challenges.

By wise council, you make war. If life is war, Constantly ask yourself these questions; Do the people you have surrounded yourself with have what it takes to help you in your times of weakness? Is your personnel or regiment shield wall that strong to stop your enemy from breaking in?

Why have you surrounded yourself with people without a sword? “Sword” as mentioned here is figurative. It may encircle all the giftings and strengths your journeymen might possess.

Financial strength is a sword, Wisdom is a sword. A business strategy or idea can be a sword. Even someone’s mere faith can be a sword, same as someone’s knowledge. #BeInspired today to sack people who are mere followers and only settle as liabilities to you. Rather keep the serious ones whose exploits are strong enough to help bring you the right results.

Your network is your networth. If you dine with champions, winning quality bread becomes an easy task. The downfall and elevation of a man is always predicated on the people that surround him.

Be wise and beware of bad company. Great men are clever and strategic team selectors.

The author Yaw Sarpong-Kumankuma is a Ghanaian Entrepreneur with vast expertise in Arts & Culture, Creative Direction and Talent Management. He is A&R/Creative Director for Africa 1 Media and founder of a design company, DecoRate LLC. Email: ysarpong85@gmail.com