The staff of Metropolitan, Municipal, and District assemblies in the Volta Region have been urged to work harder to turn things around positively.

Members of the assemblies were admonished to make sure that their performances improved this year as against the abysmal performance of their municipalities which resulted in the Keta Assembly placing 248th among the total of 260 districts in the country.

Volta Regional Minister, Dr Archibald Yao Letsa made the comments when he met the staff of the Keta Municipal Assembly on the 3rd day of his tour of all the assemblies in the Volta Region.

Dr Archibald Yao Letsa said it was sad to see the Keta Municipal Assembly performing badly in the  2020 assembly ratings in the region.

Work hard and stop the abysmal performance - Volta Regional Minister to Keta Municipal Assembly staff

He urged them to work towards redeeming the good image of the Keta Assembly before the 2022 ratings and get a better position under the new MCE Emmanuel Gemegah whom he said is a hard-working man who will help turn their fortunes around for the better.

Dr Letsa noted that through hard work, the Volta Regional Coordinating Council was adjudged best in the country and he hopes that they will retain the position in the next ratings. 

“The VRCC won the best Regional Coordinating Council in the country and  we hope it stays like that but all of you must work hard in your assemblies in order to be placed in the best positions in the country.”

The MCE for Keta, Mr  Emmanuel Gemegah said the visit by the Regional Minister was enlightening and the best way to start the year on a positive note.

Mr Emmanuel Gemegah pledged to make sure that things turn for the better for the Keta Municipal Assembly.

The tour which started from the Central Tongu through North Tongu and South Tongu will continue to middle Volta from Monday. 

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