Three-time Grammy award winning musician, Wyclef Jeanelle Jean, has condemned the rowdy behaviour of Equatorial Guinea fans during the country’s game against Ghana.

Fans of Equatorial Guinea caused a nearly one hour hold up in the Semi-Final match between the two countries. They started pelting missiles and water bottles onto the pitch barely 10 minutes to the end of the decider.

The fans were bitter about the defeat handed their team by a better Ghanaian side who had delved the Equatorial Guinean team a 3:0 blow. With defeat staring the host nation in the face, the fans decided to take matters into their own hands.

For several minutes, Equatorial Guinean fans pelted strange objects and water bottles at the Ghanaian players, fans and match officials.

Wyclef, who has been following the tournament closely condemned the attitude of the home fans stressing African football deserves better.

  “The tournament have come into a shameful halt by the home fans, #African Football deserve better #AFCON2015 #EquatorialGuinea,” he tweeted.

Before the unfortunate incident, the Haitian-born musician knew the match was a done deal for Ghana with eyes already set on a finale between Ghana and Ivory Coast, who beat DR Congo to book a place in the final.

“Big game coming up #GHAEQG, Les Elephants awaits #BlackStars #AFCON2015 #Clefication. Game over #BlackStars #azonto @FuseODG #AFCON2015 #Clefication,” he said.

Wyclef added that, “#AFCON2015 finals is set #BlackStars v #CIV @BBCFarayi @FuseODG @NacimCity predictions? #Azonto #Clefication.”