All persons who could not get on-the-spot job offers or could not visit the International Conference Center for the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) Job Fair have another opportunity to keep searching for jobs – this time, on the agency’s website.

Last week, about 100 Companies announced almost 3000 jobs available for grabs when the fair opened. Director of Corporate Affairs at the YEA, Emmanuel Akwasi Afriyie, says the program was a success.

Assessing the fair, Mr Afriyie noted that though not everyone got a job immediately, the companies compiled a list of many job seekers for follow-ups “we had quite many jobs and companies heavily represented.

“We are yet to compile a list of the offers which were given, but I must say that everyone who had the patience to wait was attended to by the companies.”

He added that the fair will be replicated across the regions, with the Volta Region’s next stop.

The Director of Corporate Affairs is also urging prospective job seekers to visit the YEA JOB CENTER at for many more openings.

According to him, the website, which has been operational for a while, has many jobs listings. One feature it gives is producing a CV for the applicant after all needed information is keyed in.

Mr Afriyie is assuring all prospective job seekers that the platform is effective in connecting them to employers.

“Once we leave your region, it does not mean you cannot get a job again. Log onto the site, and if you qualify for any of the jobs, you would be contacted. If not, other companies you qualify for will call you,” he said.

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