Aaaron Adatsi and his girlfriend Eyram

Yolo star Aaron Adatsi says after becoming a father, he is in a better position to continue his role as the unofficial ambassador for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH).

According to him, welcoming a baby has left him better equipped to preach about sexual health among others.

In a press statement released on Monday, Mr Adatsi stated he understands that because of his role as Cyril the “abstinence king” in the hit series Yolo, he has come to represent many morally upright things to the masses.

Hence, announcing that he welcomed a baby without being married did not only surprise fans but has raised questions regarding who he is and what he stands for.

Aaaron Adatsi and his girlfriend Eyram at their baby's christening
Aaaron Adatsi and his girlfriend Eyram at their baby’s christening

However, Mr Adatsi believes that he has always, through his professional engagements, endeavoured to preach about the need to make good choices one can be responsible for.

“…in all humility, I refuse to hoist the flag of hypocrisy as a substitute to taking responsibility of the choice I made.”

Aaaron Adatsi and his girlfriend Eyram

His statement comes after many people on social media slammed him for having a baby with his girlfriend out of wedlock.

Some of these users called him out for always advising young people to be responsible and abstain from sex but practising vice.

Comments like “the abstinence king couldn’t abstain” was an addition to almost every post.

Some people also came to his defense shutting down posts that questioned Aaron’s morality.

Because of the comments, Mr Adatsi stated that it had become necessary to take charge of the narrative and tell his story.

He stated that having a baby out of wedlock has not affected his views on adolescent health adding that happily welcomes the responsibilty as a father.

“So, come join me on my mission to represent the broader spectrum of people – both young and old – who boldly accepts their responsibilities and forge ahead for a better future against the judgement and stigma that plagues the society.”