A 15-year-old girl who was allegedly sexually abused by her stepfather, in a village at the outskirts of Mankranso in the Ashanti Region, has become paralysed after she gave birth.

Although she was physically challenged before the incident, she is now completely paralysed.

The teen’s predicament was noticed by some health personnel at the Mankranso District hospital during a routine visit to homes of pregnant women.

The heatlh personnel said they found, the girl shakes violently when placed on a bed and cannot move her limps to do things for herself as she did before.

“We go on outreaches, usually for women, where we give them education for family planning. So, I had gone to their area to do the normal home visiting for some of our clients and discover new clients when I saw her,” midwife only known as Ange told JoyNews’ Erastus Asare Donkor.

Ange called for help to have the young girl transported to the hospital for medical attention.

She said that the hospital has taken responsibility for the young lady but is running out of funds to take care of her and the newborn.

“It’s something that myself and my nurses have been doing but when it’s beyond me we go through the management. We don’t have any funding system,” she added.

Detailing her ordeal with her stepfather, the girl whose name is being protected said she protested when her stepfather tried to coerce her into having sex.

She told her mother after she returned from the farm. Her mother, the girl said, promised to report her stepfather’s advances to the police but failed.

The 15-year-old said she got pregnant after her stepfather had sex with her while her mother had left for the farm the following day. 

She gave birth to her stepfather’s baby, on the bare floor in front of the dilapidated mud structure where the family lives.

The police has mounted a search for the stepfather.

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