A former Assistant Headmaster of St. James Seminary and Senior High School in Sunyani in the Bono Region, Daniel Yeboah, has said the two-year incarceration of Abdulai Fuseini, a Student of Suhum Presbyterian Senior High School, could put his future in jeopardy, hence described the sentencing as a bit harsh.

Abdulai Fuseini, a final year General Arts student threatened to take the life of his English language teacher, Foster Odei Ansong after he warned to punish him for his truancy.

In a video of himself that went viral, the 20-year-old, wielding a cutlass, was heard saying amidst a smile, ”you people should tell Foster if God permits, I am returning to school on Monday. Have I stolen anything? Do you see this cutlass, I will cut his neck like a dummy”.

The former headmaster, Mr. Daniel Yeboah, strongly condemned the act, but maintained the two-year jail term handed to the student by the Suhum circuit court was a bit harsh.

Speaking to Mark Abisah on “Suncity Morning Drive” on Suncity Radio in Sunyani, Mr. Yeboah, affectionately called OSA, averred that though he respect the court’s ruling, he would have preferred a shorter jail term or be made to sign a bond of good behavior.

The retired Assistant Headmaster feared, “such a lengthy jail term could truncate Fueini’s education and the future ahead of him could be in danger”.

He, however, expressed the need for a healthy teacher-student relationship at all levels of the Educational System. He believes such a relationship could avert the situation where students form an erroneous impression that teachers hate them when in fact, teacher’s actions are rather geared towards shaping their future.

A private legal practitioner, Lawyer Eric Owusu Sae who spoke on the same show, called on students to see the investments being made in them as a means of securing a brighter future for them. 

He noted that the best way to make it count is to take their academic works seriously, especially during school sessions.

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