There is no engagement or wedding without a Kente fabric. It is perhaps the most sought after cloth in Ghana for such occasions and many brides and grooms will stop at nothing until they get the best Kente cloth for their special event.

But that’s not all, the Kente fabric or styles have been a major dress code for Ghanaians for decades. The fabric has graced many runways, both locally and abroad and the best of it is known to be made in Ghana.

Homeda Kente

However, just like there are fake phones, so are there fake Kente cloths.

At the 2019 Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair, which is open at the Accra International Conference Centre until July 14, the best vendors have pitched camp. One of them is Homeda Kente and Adinkra Palace.

CEO of the company, Amos Homeda Osei sorts for the best hand woven designs from the best makers in Kwabre – the heart of Kente weaving in the Ashanti region.

Homeda Kente

So their products are not only the best but also one of a kind.

Although they are based in Kumasi, Homeda Kente offers free deliveries to all parts of Ghana.

The company also offers discounts for large groups, companies or entities who order in bulk.

Homeda Kente

For the Joy Beauty and Bridal Fair, however, Amos and his team are offering a 20% discount on all purchases at the fair.

There is more information about Homeda Kente and Adinkra Palace on Facebook: Homeda Kente, Instagram: @homeda_kente. You can also contact Amos directly via email on