The latest introduction to a woman’s fashion sense are beads. Beads are said to be a trademark of the African and it is expected of the true son or daughter of the land to adorn themselves with the accessory at all times.

In many communities in Ghana for instance, this ornament is the first thing a newborn baby wears and one of the last adornments used to bury the dead.


For engagements and weddings, however, it is almost a must for the bride and groom to wear either a bead necklace, wrist band or sometimes, anklets, hand bands and all other types of beaded accessories.

At the 2019 Joy FM Beauty and Bridal Fair, which is open at the Accra International Conference Centre until July 14, one of the best bead accessory makers, 9Twenty5 has on display the most beautiful beaded jewelry designs for would-be brides and their bridesmaids.


There is a wide range of beaded necklaces of different colours, designs, and sizes to suit the needs of patrons.

While weddings and engagements are the focus because of the Fair, individuals who are not getting married can also come by the shop for the finest beaded accessories.


For the Fair, CEO, Lisa and the team are offering between 15-25 percent discounts on all products.