Sadiq Abdulai Abu is the CEO of 3Media Networks, organisers of 3Music Awards

The CEO of 3 Media Network has commended Multimedia Group for its exceptional contribution to the 2021 edition of the 3Music Awards.

In acknowledging the efforts of The Multimedia Group, Sadiq Abdulai Abu said the success of the fourth annual 3Music Awards cannot be told without the power of the company.

In an interview on JoyNews’ Super Morning Show on Monday, he told host Kojo Yankson that although there was the creative aspect of the awards show, the televising of the awards night to a wider audience couldn’t have been achieved without the various platforms of Multimedia Group.

“Multimedia providing that publicity machinery. And from JoyFM, HitzFM, Adom TV, Adom FM, and all of that and showing that the message goes out there is one of the things that have contributed to the success of the event.”

He also thanked the various sponsors of the 3Music Awards programme for making the night an exceptional one.

“Whilst talking about it, we have to thank Multimedia as well. Boomplay, TuneCore, HD+ which delivered the HD visual experience for everybody that watched it in HD and felt it and really connected to the event.”  

He also thanked all the creative teams and organisations who were involved in bringing the 3Music Awards 2021 edition to life.

“It was a bigger team, different directions, different organizations, different teams, that helped put this together and we can only be thankful to all of them. That played a role,” he said.