8 ways to seduce your husband

Sometimes as women, we finally get our dream man and we just don’t know how to make him want more of us. Everything suddenly becomes boring when we get married to our dream man and it isn’t supposed to be so. Are there things we need to do daily to make our man want us daily? The answer is yes.

Below are 8 ways to make your man want you more

1. TELL HIM WHAT YOU WANT NOW: this works like magic. Try whispering to his ear how badly you want him now. Tell him how good he is and how bad you want him inside you. Chances are you would get him running to the sheets soon to prove he is really good. LOL.

2. MAINTAIN PHYSICAL CONTACT: maintaining physical contact with him is another way to make your man want you. Walk around holding hands and hug him too. Try as much as possible to maintain physical contact. Touch releases a hormone called oxytocin, which is nicknamed “the love hormone.”

3. SEXTING: try sending him a text about how badly you want him. He would probably think of your body all day and I bet he would be eager to get home. He would be thinking of your body all day and this could lead to fantastic sex.

4. BE NAUGHTY: try to be a little naughty; men love it when their woman is a little naughty sometimes. Tell him all the things you want him to do to you and all the things you have always wanted him to do to you too. The chances of you having an amazing sex with him are definitely high.

5. ANSWER THE DOOR PARTIALLY NUDE: imagine he comes home and find you partially nude at the door waiting for him. Hehehe, you might just end up having an amazing sex the next minute. Nudity is seductive but being partially nude is better as it leaves more to the imagination. Ensure he is coming home alone as you would not want to open the door partially nude and find him standing at the door with his pals. LOL.

6. GIVE HIM WHAT HE WANTS AND STOP: I know most ladies have tried this and it really works like magic. You know what turns your man on. If he can’t resist you kissing him, how about you start kissing him and then stop suddenly. Make him go crazy and want you badly. You would definitely end up having a great sex.

7. HELP HIM RELAX: if he is tired, the chances of him ending up in bed with you are definitely low. Help him relax by making his favourite meal, a bubble bath together with him or a massage. The aim of what you are doing is trying to make him feel relaxed because when he is relaxed, he is more likely to respond to you sexually.

8. EYE CONTACT: you can use eye contact to seduce your man too. Try using eye contact with facial expressions to communicate to him how badly you want him.