Agrihouse Foundation has launched this year’s Pre-harvest Agribusiness Conference and Exhibition a short ceremony in Accra on April 24, 2018.

The Pre-Harvest Agribusiness event provides a platform for conferencing, presentations, exhibitions, and marketplace for business-to-business meetings.

Speeches are delivered by representatives from World Food Programme (WFP), USAID, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, ADVANCE, the Agriculture Technology Transfer project and lead sponsors in a bid to improve the country’s agricultural production.

Speaking at the launch of the event, Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, said the event will provide a platform to bring together commodity buyers, agribusiness service providers and farmers to establish business relationships and discuss contracts and explore and exploit other growth possibilities.

“It is going to hold for three days for the first time, and this is by popular demand and also from the 2017 Pre-harvest survey and feedback received from participants, stakeholders realized that just a day is no longer enough for them to conclude transactions, shop and seal collaboration agreements. This speaks of the growth of the event.

“Pre-Harvest Conference and Exhibition event has become one of the leading events in Ghana, where farmers, businesses, government and ideas people, meet to network, build capacity, learn and explore business opportunities, sign deals and even close contracts,” she said.

The theme for this year’s event is,“Transforming Agricultural Production in Northern Ghana: The role of modern agro-based industries” and comes off on October 3 to 5 at the Tamale Sports Stadium.

“It is worth noting again that, the Pre-harvest event ties in so perfectly into the Government’s Planting for Food and Job Campaign as its creates the most appropriate marketplace for businesses to identify new opportunities, discuss deals and forge partnerships.

“The bottom-line is for businesses to gain access to markets, buyers to identify sellers, negotiate for good competitive pricing and also serve as an avenue for over 1000 farmers to gather annually to discuss the season’s outlook on production, identify critical policies to support competitive marketing and establish enduring business relationships,” said Executive Director of Agrihouse Foundation.

The key objectives of the event are as follows:

·Assist farmers and agri-businesses to expand their businesses before and after harvesting, and create an enabling environment for new partnerships to promote the growth of Ghana’s agricultural sector.

·Help farmers adopt best practices to ensure that the achievements made within the industry are sustained.

·Provide a platform for commodity buyers and farmers to establish business relationships and discuss contracts for the harvest of their produce.

Agrihouse Foundation

Agrihouse Foundation is a non-governmental agricultural capacity building, innovation and project management organization, with a special focus on changing the perception of, and consciously shaping the conversation on agriculture through the promotion of people-impact programs, projects and initiatives, targeting  students, women, farmers, farming associations, agribusinesses and the entire actors within the value chain.

Agrihouse Foundation takes over the organisation of the Pre-harvest agribusiness conference and exhibitions from USAID ACDI VOCA which has handled it very effectively for the past 7 years.