Covid-19 ambassador and gospel musician, Celestine Donkoh is urging persons who are still skeptical about taking the Covid-19 vaccines to consider their health, that of others and take the jab.

According to her, her advocacy on her social media platforms on the need to take the jabs has earned her some negative feedback from fans and concerned persons.

Celestine, however, says when she receives such messages, she uses the opportunity to educate the senders on the efficiency of the vaccines. 

Reading some of the posts to JoyNews, the VGMA 2019 female vocalist of the year stated that l‘one of them said “Celestine I am disappointed in you. Do you know Jesus? He will not take the vaccine’’’.

In another post, the sender said ‘’did you consult God?  If you know what the vaccine is doing to people spiritually and physically you will not tell us to go for the vaccine.’’

Her response she says is to remind them that ‘our forefathers reacted same way to vaccines against polio, yellow fever and malaria but eventually we took them. I also refer them to the Ghana Health Service page to get the right information.

‘‘You see, we take so many things brought down to us like malaria medicines and those for headaches. We don’t know the source but we believe in the FDA and the Health Service which screens the products and then we take it.’’

“I again remind them that though we are all scared, we need to get the right information and trust the authorities that they have done their work and it’s not harmful.

Citing the discomfort she endured when she was diagnosed with covid-19, the ambassador stated ‘‘it wasn’t comfortable at all. Being locked down as an artist for over a year and not performing is not something I want to encounter again. I want to have a life that I can move freely and I believe everyone out there wants that so let’s take the vaccine.’’

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