The Public Health Directorate of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly will begin an exercise to fumigate all markets in Accra.

This practice comes as the AMA and Joy News prepare to partner for a second phase of the Joy Clean Ghana Campaign. 

Clean Ghana 1

Clean Ghana 1

Speaking to Joy News, Environmental Health Officer, Joseph Asitanga shared how the exercise will be done as part of the campaign this year.

“We are going to ensure that all the markets in Accra here are going to be fumigated regularly against the infestation of rattus rattus and every crawling insect, and insect that is dangerous to public health. We are going to target them,” he said.

Clean Ghana 1

He asked all market managers to engage in the exercise and do their part to help protect the public’s health by including the exercise in their schedule plans for the year.

The Joy Clean Ghana campaign took a sanitation taskforce to several communities in Accra to get residents to comply with bye-laws. 

It has been lauded by several individuals and groups.