Agrihouse Foundation, a Ghana-based non-profit organisation in agriculture, has held its eighth edition of the Agri-Woman Marketplace.

The marketplace is aimed at helping Ghanaian women along the agricultural value chain to market their products and services with convenience.

The 8th edition took place at the forecourts of the premises of Agrihouse Foundation, in Dzorwulu, Accra.

According to the Executive Director of Agrihouse, Alberta Nana Akyaa Akosa, Agri-Woman Marketplace is  a safe space where a platform is created for interactions to help women recover from depression, especially during a time like Covid-19.

“The idea behind the agri-woman marketplace was to basically support our women in the agric sector to reposition themselves and regrow during post-pandemic era. During the pandemic, we received a lot of calls from women who were depressed because they couldn’t sell their produce. This is a creative way of getting the women out of their homes to sell and makes new contacts as well,” she said.

Participants of the marketplace range from farmers, processors, food vendors to agro-chemical dealers.

One of the participants and owner of Eco fortunes, Adwoa Taki said she loves farming but decided to process seeds and hemp into purely organic medication because she noticed a niche market in Ghana.

“Since I came to Ghana, I found a niche market. I realised that generally Africans suffer very common illnesses. My parents died of high blood pressure and I believe that if we were educated about the benefits of hemp seeds and its usage for health purposes, most of us will have a long healthy lives,” she indicated.

Another participant and co-founder of Edis Mart, Robert Agyemang said, “we do coconut flakes. We try to do everything by using less additives. Our products are FDA approved. This is our first time participating in the Agri-woman marketplace and we’re optimistic that people will appreciate the benefits of coconut and patronize us.”

The Agri-woman marketplace is held the first Friday of every month at the premises of Agri-house foundation. It is an avenue to support women farmers by purchasing fresh food crops and agri-products, cultivated and processed by Ghanaian farmers and industries.

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