GHATCA has noted the deep concerns of the general public on the current safety, operational, technical and management issues confronting the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority.

As critical partners in the civil aviation system, we have drawn the attention of government to these issues through the sector Minister and the Board of Directors. Whether the government is aware of these issues is what beats the imagination of GHATCA.

The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority is faced with unprecedented challenges in the restructuring of the Authority on global standards, there is crisis with Togo and Benin on the management of the upper airspaces of the three States, Ghana has not been able to attain FAA Category One, there is total technical confusion in the Authority with its attendant safety hazards, the blacklisting of Ghana registered offshore cargo planes, and many more.

We are in discussions with the sector minister and assurance has been given that these issues will be addressed. In view of this, the intended partial withdrawal of air traffic services has been deferred till the end of the month.

As aviation safety professionals, we shall continue to provide air traffic services as required by international rules and procedures.

We assure the government and the public of air traffic operational safety in the airspaces of Ghana, Togo and Benin.

We will keep the media and the public updated on any further development.