President Akufo-Addo has applauded Ghanaians for believing in and adhering to Covid-19 protocols.

According to him, this has has contributed to a remarkable lowering of the daily rate of infection.

In his 25th national address on measures his government has taken to fight the spread of the virus, the President disclosed that the daily rate of infection has dropped significantly from 400 to below 100.

“Our rate of infection has dropped significantly from 400 a day when I last spoke to you to less than 100 now, and the number of persons who have recovered from the virus has also increased from 77,972 to 91,146 within the same period,” he said.

The President disclosed that “176 more persons, in that time, have also, unfortunately, lost their lives to COVID-19. Cumulatively, we have conducted 1,121,168 Covid tests.”

Nana Akufo-Addo did not leave out public sectors workers like teachers and other front line workers.

“I am thrilled that the significant investments we have made in ensuring compliance with the safety protocols have enabled us to open, in safety, all schools, private and public, at all levels, and I want to thank parents, teachers and students for making them work.”

He also disclosed that the second jab of the Covid-19 vaccine would be administered from 19 May, encouraging people to take medicine.