The Vice Presidential Candidate for the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Prof. Emmanuel Yaovi Hunnuor Bobobee says a future CPP government will embark on a fully socialist educational system to create equal educational opportunities for all students in the country.

According to Prof. Bobobee, to achieve this, the CPP will make all second cycle institutes in the country boarding schools.

He said, not only would such a system give students equal access to education, it would also contribute to national cohesion as students from various backgrounds will be brought together in these schools.

Speaking at a Political Parties Debate on Educational Policies held at the University for Development Studies, Prof. Bobobee said, “the CPP will embark on its traditional educational policy by making education accessible to all.”

“We will come and make all second cycle schools boarding to enable the youth from all over the country to meet and then associate easily and serve as an incubator to be tolerant in the future.”

He added that to make education more inclusive and integrated, the CPP will make all communities contribute to how the educational policy will be implemented in their various communities.

He explained that the CPP will allow SHS hosting communities select elective subjects to be studied by students in their schools.

These elective subjects will be related to the major occupations of the communities.

“The CPP government policy on education will actually make all the communities to make contribution into the policy to the running of the educational policy that will be implemented. In fact at the basic school, the BECE level, the CPP will actually emphasise on four main subjects, the rest will not be examinable.

“And these main subjects are integrated science, mathematics, English and the fourth one can be selected from the community based on their electives. This elective will also be informed by the activities in the environment in which these schools are located,” he explained.

Thus, “If you come from an agricultural environment, then there must be agricultural focus as an elective. If you come from a fishing environment then something on fishing and agriculture should be an elective.”

He also mentioned that the CPP will institute free education from pre-primary all the way to the university level as it has been enshrined in the 1992 Constitution and once implemented by the Nkrumah-led CPP.

“The CPP party and the CPP government has insitituted free education from primary to the university and that has been in existent all along and we’re coming to build on that.”

He further stated that education in schools will be science and math-oriented in order to churn out highly educated citizens to run the country’s knowledge economy and fasten the growth of the country.