The Alliance of Drivers Ghana has joined the list of many calling for measures to be put in place to reduce the rising death toll recorded on Ghana’s roads since the beginning of the year.

For the past three months, 771 lives according to data from the Police Service have been lost due to road accidents.

JoyNews in its support to end this menace premiered a hotline documentary “CRUSHED” to show Ghanaians the reality on the ground and how the country has been challenged when it comes to ending road carnage.

Following this heart-breaking report, the Alliance of Drivers Ghana is calling on all drivers nationwide to desist from acts that put the lives of passengers in danger and to rather follow the accepted ways as provided by road authorities to save lives and better the economy.

“The recent Joy News documentary on road accidents was very disturbing. The road accident statistics from January to March shows we are not making progress in protecting the lives of individuals on our roads. Bad attitude such as reckless driving is what we always experience on our roads, drunk driving has become the order of the day. The earlier we discard such bad practices, the better for our economy,” part of the release from the Association stated.

According to the Alliance in its press statement, the country has “failed woefully in discharging our national responsibility in protecting the lives of innocent Ghanaians on our roads.”

The Alliance further indicated that in order for things to change, human life must be prioritized by all relevant stakeholders involved in road carnage issues.

“Lives lost can never be regained. We are charging all governmental agencies that are responsible for ensuring discipline on our roads to work hard to complement government effort in curbing road accident,” it added.

In conclusion, the Alliance of Drivers Ghana iterated the need for all hands to be on deck to address the present challenges and also for passengers to quiz drivers should they find anything suspicious that could be detrimental to their lives.

“Let’s all endeavour to be citizens and not spectators. Drivers must monitor each other at the various stations. Passengers must always make it a point to question drivers and car owners whenever they witness any issue that has the possibility of putting their lives in danger. Let’s all put in the needed effort to help reduce the rampant road accident,” it stated.