Dear Mr. V.S. Kuagbenu,

I have only gotten to know you in the past week. I attended the NSS orientation for the final year students of the University of Ghana which you addressed and also heard you on Joy FM’s morning show on Tuesday.

My first impression has been that you are a man who is ready to make the scheme better so it plays the role it is supposed to play which according to the NSS website is the ‘institutional option for the Ghanaian youth especially tertiary education graduates to exercise their civic responsibility towards the state through service’.

You have very interesting ideas but you surprised me greatly when you said boldly and in the full glare of public eye that from this year some service personnel will be posted to the roads to direct traffic.

I humbly will like to ask you the following questions;

1. Your advertisement last year to solicit applications from organizations in need of service personnel led to a request for about 120,000 personnel though only 73,000 graduates were available. So why post graduates to the roads?

2. What potential gain warranted the conception and entertainment of this idea?

3. Who did you discuss this with and how did you get them to agree with you?

4. If the NSS knows the value of tertiary education, will graduates be asked to direct traffic?

5. After all the investments the nation has made in students, is it an apt compensation for mother Ghana if graduates direct traffic?

6. If Ghana needs traffic wardens then what happened to the Natonal Youth Employment module which was to serve that purpose?

7. Even without that NYEP module, how much will it cost the nation to properly train traffic wardens and get the unemployed person who is ready to do that work a job?

8. How long will graduates posted to the roads be trained for them to be good enough?

9. Judging by the high risk which comes with the job, will the traffic wardens be insured by the scheme and will they be paid more?

10. Knowing very well that one’s course of study influences the placement he/she gets, which academic programmes will be the talent scouting pool for the traffic-warden module?

11. Why do we avoid coming up with permanent solutions as a people and always opt for temporary answers and pretend to be solving the problem?