The Sunyani Circuit Court, presided over by Mr Ekow Mensah, has sentenced a 37 year-old professional driver who belonged to an armed robbery syndicate in the Techiman Municipality to 65 years imprisonment.

Kwadwo Faayiri, alias Alhaji, who is the fifth member of the syndicate – which had been robbing fuel filling stations and homes in the municipality – was convicted on his own plea of guilt to charges of conspiracy to commit crime and robbery.

He was sentenced to five years imprisonment on the first count and 65 years with hard labour on the second count of robbery to run concurrently.

Already, the court has handed similar sentences to three members of the group, namely, Daniel Kwame Amoh, alias Nipa nye, 23; Richmond Opoku Boateng, alias Pinco, 21, both unemployed, and K wadwo Takyi, alias Denbasti, 22, a mason.

Another member of the group Evans Yeboah (alias Kofi) who was on the run, is said to have died in an accident on the Techiman-Nkoranza road on March 5 2011.

Brong Ahafo Regional Crime Officer, Superintendent of Police Eric M. K. Amoako, who briefed the Daily Graphic on the case in Sunyani, said Alhaji – who had been on the run after the series of robberies – was arrested in his hideout at Suame in Kumasi upon a tipoff on August 5, 2011 and was arraigned before the court last Wednesday.

He said the robbers attacked the Frimps Filling Station; opposite the Expo Hotel along the Techiman-Tuobodom road, where they made away with a mobile phone belonging to the security man of the station, Adams Osman. The phone was valued at GH¢80.00.

He said the robbers also made away with a pump action gun, valued at GH¢2,500.00, which belonged to the manager of the place, Mr Kyeremeh Oppong, at about 1:00 a.m. on February 23, 2011.

The Crime Officer added that the Techiman police first started the case but it was later transferred to the regional CID for continuation.

In a related development, the Sunyani Circuit Court has remanded in prison custody an alleged armed robber, Kofi Boakye, alias Ogiga.

According to him, Ogiga belonged to the group who are now behind bars.

Mr Amoako alleged that Ogiga’s involvement in the previous filling station robberies came to the fore when he was arrested, saying that Alhaji had confirmed his involvement in robberies at the Goil, Excel and Frimps filling station.


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