The Ashanti Region has recorded nearly half of Ghana’s Covid-19 related deaths.

The region has a total of 58 deaths, out of the country’s total of 129.

Although Health Authorities are not certain about the actual cause of the increase in Covid deaths, it has largely been associated with failure of persons in the region to report to health facilities early.

“The mortalities may be due to the fact that people are reporting late or people are living in denial or we are dealing with a difficult situation or we are not managing the cases as expected,” Ashanti Regional Health Director, Emmanuel Tenkorang told JoyNews.

Ghana continues to record more Covid-19 cases. Between March [when the first cases were recorded] and July [four months later], the country has seen over 20,000 cases.

Although there have been a significant number of recoveries, the death toll has also increased with the Ashanti Region being one of the regions with the most numbers.

Cases in the region as of May 10th, 2020, stood at five but has within a period of two months [as of July 9] leaped to 4,972 with 3641 recoveries and 58 deaths.

Out of the 42 districts with confirmed cases, Kumasi Metropolis tops the death toll with 33.

Obuasi Municipality and the Obuasi East District follow with four deaths each. Afija Kwabre South and Kwaadaso also have three each and Old Tafo has two. Nine other districts have each recorded one death.

Health Authorities, however, says they are investigating the worrying trend as there is evidence that many of these patients are brought in dead.

“We analyse records every day because you realise that most of them come and die within 24 hours. Some of them even are brought in dead and you do the autopsy and that’s when you realise that it’s Covid,” Mr. Tenkorang said.

“So these are some of the challenges and it seems that most probably the awareness is not high or the denial is still very high and that’s the reason why people are just ignoring the protocols and the guidelines,” he added.