Togbe Afede XIV, Agbogbomefia of Asogli State

The Asogli State Council is admonishing Ghanaians to ensure a non-violent 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary election come Monday, December 7.

It noted its concern about “the allegations making the rounds about all manner of ploys, mayhem and kamikaze tactics being planned to create confusion on voting day”.

In a statement signed by the President of Asogli Traditional Area, Togbe Afede XIV cautioned that these threats of probable violence during Election Day are inimical to the country’s peace and development.

“As we prepare to go to the polls on December 7, we ask all Ghanaians to keep in mind our important responsibility to contribute our utmost to ensure free, fair, and transparent elections. We all need, at this crucial time, to remember our ‘pledge to be faithful and loyal to Ghana, (our) motherland’.

“It is necessary, therefore, that we subordinate individual interest and political party loyalty to the national desire for peace, unity, and development. All of our conduct and what we say should help achieve these important objectives” the statement reads.

The Asogli State Council is therefore calling on the Electoral Commission (EC) and all politicians to ensure professional execution of their respective duties. It specifically asked that the EC makes peace its primary objective during the General Elections.

In the December 4-dated statement, the Council also advised the nation’s security agencies to carry out their duties without fear of favour.

“We would like to call on our security agencies to remember that Ghana is not at war. The elections are a contest between Ghanaians. They should therefore respect their various oaths, and protect and defend the people of Ghana and the 1992 Constitution without fear or favour”.

Togbe Afede IV also reminded all eligible voters to exercise their franchise, as “indifference will destroy our democracy, and create a breeding ground for undesirable outcomes”.