The same wiki-leaks which the NDC is currently selectively chewing on also reveal that our sitting president suffers from a debilitating throat cancer.

I am a medical radiology professional and I can say on authority that there is no medical condition called “sinus” as the president and his squadron of shameless apologists are shouting about all over the place.

Sinuses are simply air-spaces located in the frontal area of the skull. They are filled with air and their main function in humans is to give resonance to our voices and make them more audible. Now, the condition called sinus occurs when the linings of these cavities are infected.

Such conditions are diagnosed by the patient having a normal skull x-ray, with emphasis on the sinuses to find out if there is accumulation of fluid in them. When fluid is found, a surgical procedure in performed to drain it out. But in cases of normal inflammation of the linings, normal anti-biotics are administered.

So for the education of these ignoramuses who are literally falling over one-another to shout the loudest in a futile attempt to hide Atta-Mills’ current health problems in order to protect their gluttonous stomachs, there is no medical condition called “sinus”. It is rather “sinusitis” which simply means the “inflammation of the inner linings of the sinuses”.

But in the case of the president, it is now official that he rather suffers from throat cancer. Cancers, if malignant, can easily spread to every part of a person’s body, including the brain and render him/her delusional, hallucinating and ultimately mentally deranged. This spreading of cancerous cells to the vital organs of a person’s body is what is known in medical jargon as metastasis. And this is where Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and chemotherapy comes in. Therefore the president is clearly suffering from a form of cancer and not sinusitis.

And since our constitution debars persons with mental insanity to aspire to the presidency, it is therefore incumbent on us, as a people; to also comprehensively interrogate the mystery surrounding the health of Atta-Mills. This point must be constantly made on all media-platforms by every member of the NPP.

And appearing on 7th September, 2011 edition of Multi-TV’s flagship agenda setting programme, Minority Caucus, the articulate and eloquent National Youth Organizer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), took audience of the programme through the wikkileak cables, and with quotes from our constitution, made a clear case against the sitting president for attaining his current position as the chief executive of the land, through pure deception and fraud.

He argued that the constitution requires anyone aspiring to the high office of a president to make it known if he/she harbors any illness, particulary that which has to do with a person’s mental sanity.

Mr. Karbo supported his concerns with the president’s abject dishonesty and shameful deception of the entire Ghanaian populace, when he “lied about the true state of his health by telling the American ambassador that he suffers from mere sinus problem, when infact, he was suffering from a throat cancer.”

Pointing and actually flipping through two huge dossiers which were in front of him, Mr. Karbo said “these documents in front of me here contain every medical record of Atta-Mills and we managed to obtain them from the medical facility in South Africa where he was frequenting for treatment”.

He express his frustrations with “Nana Akufo-Addo’s constant call on the youth of the NPP to restrain themselves” and not to respond, in like manner, to “NDC indecent politicking” and said “the time has come for the NPP to respond to NDC’s reckless accusations against the NPP flag bearer” and that “admonitions for restraint by Nana Addo” in the face of NDC irresponsible behavior “are no longer going to be adhered to”.

Our nation’s constitution requires a prospective president to be a citizen of Ghana, not less than 40-years of age and of sound mind. So for example, if at any point in time, it is found out that a sitting president had lied about any of these three key prerequisites of a prospective president, then the citizens reserve every right under the constitution, to openly question such development and make sure the appropriate sanction is applied.

For instance, if it is found out that a sitting president had lied about his/her age and that he/she had not attained the constitutionally mandated age of 40-years at the time of contesting for the presidency, he/she can be duly removed from office. If it is found out that he/she is not a Ghanaian, the same sanction will apply. In much the same way, if it is found that he/she had lied about the sanctity of his mental faculty at the time of contesting for the high office, this will again, attract the same sanction.

However, when such a purely constitutional issue bordering on the health status of Atta-Mills comes up, these sycophants will come out, with all guns blazing, that it is unethical to openly talk about the health of an elderly person in our Ghanaian cultural setting and that our ‘amambre’ (cultural practice) frowns on it. But what these ‘nkwan deewa’ boot-lickers forget is the fact that Atta-Mills became a president on the tenets of our nation’s constitution and not by the dictates of our Ghanaian ‘amambre’.

The president is a total embodiment of the direction in which the nation goes and his/her health status at any point in time, particularly in the developed nations, can even have effect on the stock exchange and other socio-economic activities. Nonetheless, when such incidents happen in these civilized nations, they make sure to apprise the citizens whose taxes pay for the medical bills of their president.

As a matter of fact, in America where the Mills-Mahama administration is obviously so mad in love with to the point where running mates were comparing themselves with a substantive presidential candidate Barrack Obama, the president undergoes a comprehensive annual medical check and the result is always made public. The reason being that, once the president, you then become a bonafide property of the state and therefore, except what you do with your wife behind closed-doors, every other aspect of your daily life becomes a legitimate issue of discussion by the citizens.

Openly, every Ghanaian has seen the physical transformations of the president but his handlers were loudly silent on the issue until Matilda Asante questioned him at the second encounter with editors at the castle. And instead of the president coming out to show a modicum of respect to current tax-weary Ghanaians whose sweat and toil pays his astronomic medical bills, he rather chose to give us a slap in the face with his impertinent and now infamous “we all have hospital cards” debacle.