Yvonne Asamoah-Tawiah

Yvonne Asamoah-Tawiah wants to change the narrative of dull gospel music videos with her newly released visuals.

The UK–Based Gospel Artiste of the Year at the 2021 Ghana Music Awards UK has released an entrancing visual of her hit song titled, “Unchangeable God”.

The production concept, scenery, costume, lighting and sound rhythm is certainly top-notch and a contender of the gospel video of the year accompanied with some powerful vocal dexterity and flawless delivery from Yvonne Asamoah-Tawiah.

Directed by renowned video director FiMenz (@jfifimensah). The visually striking video brings out some outstanding creativity and a well-curated masterpiece showcasing multiple ways of exalting the Creator.

In the empowering video, she got glammed up in custom couture looks, including a colourful and flowing olive dress with top-of-the-range matching accessories.

Award-winning gospel artiste Yvonne Asamoah-Tawiah exalts God with artistic music video
Yvonne Asamoah-Tawiah

In May 2021, the UK-based singer cum army officer with the British Armed Forces released her single “Shidaa” a Ga word for thanksgiving.

The song featured the award-winning Gospel singer, MOG.

The Gospel diva with several award-winning hits such as “conqueror” and “Besuka” has this new year message to share with her fans “lovely people, 2021 was an amazing year for me.

“Thanks for appreciating my music ministry. My new year resolution is to launch my debut album, hook more international collaborations, and keep on touching lives with my YAT Foundation. To my fans, allow yourself to dream your biggest dream in 2022”.

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