Works and Housing Minister Alban Bagbin would no longer be dragged into any public question and answer session on STX, at least for now.

He is asking journalists who have doubts about the project to meet him later for clarification.

During his turn at the ‘meet the press’ series in Accra on Tuesday the sector minister refused to answer any question on STX, explaining, he would not have the interaction turn into an STX debate.

“I am resisting the temptation to answer the question on STX because I don’t want it to be an STX press conference. This one is an interaction for the media.

“And so when we have to deal with STX, please, you are at liberty to come to me after you have conveyed this message to the people,” he stated.

The Minister’s remarks increases the nagging controversy surrounding the 1.5 billion cedis worth housing project with the Korea Construction firm.

The Minority in Parliament and some policy think tanks, including IMANI Ghana, have been vocal in kicking against the thirty thousand housing project.

But government remains positive the deal is viable, despite recent altercations between the Korea company and their Ghanaian counterparts which culminated into a law suit filed against the former.

For now though, the sector minister said: “I will be prepared to tell you more about STX because I am very confident, very sure about what we are doing and we can never never fail the people of Ghana,” he said.

The Minister also expressed government’s commitment to complete the Job 600 project for use by Parliamentarians.

Play the attached audio for excerpts of the minister’s comments.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/


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