How about a politician for a life partner? And I mean for a husband for the ladies? Have you ever thought of it? But I guess you may want to know what’s on the table for a politician husband. Or ladies? I guess my politician brothers and fathers are sternly looking on and with their ears wide open to hear what Beatrice wants to say about them.

Take it easy. It’s just some of our perceptions of you politicians. After all, we all have perceptions about other professions. I’m sure if I gave you a pen and a paper, a laptop or even a microphone in my small radio studio, you would have thousand words to speak about us.

Okay. Now let me start with what generally comes to our minds-as in some of us ladies, at least in GH, when we think of politricians…oh sorry politicians.  Some say they’re not honest, they’re corrupt, cheats and or those people who are only there for their interest. They really don’t care much about the masses except themselves, girlfriends, family and cronies.

I’ve heard some of our politicians talk about people trooping to their homes almost on a daily basis to take monies for different kinds of projects; from school fees to medical bills and to daily bread. Hmmmm. I can only imagine how the woman of such a politician would feel?

Another concern we’re so passionate about is how political discussions rather turn into insults of all kinds; personal attacks and derogatory comments. It’s not even appropriate for me to state some of them here. Now imagine your loved one being insulted in the public from the looks of his head to the shape of his legs and how dark or fair he looks plus he coming from a certain tribe or part of the country? etc. Some of us ladies can’t take that oo.

Some of my sisters have also wondered whether a politician, as busy as he could be would have time for the home. He moves from constituency to say parliament, to travelling to sign projects, contracts and so on. What time at all will he have for the home? Some of these have been the fears of some ladies regarding saying I do to that politician who may be eying them.

But who told you that it’s every lady who cares about these anyway? The last time I spoke to Ama, my very good friend, she told me she was in for their cash. ‘Bea, which lady doesn’t like cash? Which lady doesn’t like comfort?, which lady doesn’t like her husband to be hailed as the man of a community or a region or as a national figure?’ She told me.

Then she continued. ‘As far as I can enjoy the freebies that come along with having a political husband and the great comfort, they can afford to call him Monkey, Chimpanzee and the worst names. It’s none of my business. In fact, politicians are my target’. She smiled and left the conversation there.

Again, not all the politicians are as majority of people think they are. There are those who are generous, responsible and try to avoid the dirty exchanges so they don’t embarrass their families, friends and loved ones.

And I agree. Of course not everyone is bad.

So really the point is, when you choose to marry a public figure you must be ready to bear the brunt and enjoy the best of the freebies as it were. Always remember to ensure you have fully assessed yourself before you take this big leap because if he gets jailed like Mandela or Mubarak well you said it will be for better or for worse.

But I’m only wondering whether ladies you will ever consider a politician for a husband if that choice was presented to you? You want to know my choice? Hmmmm. Please remind me; I’ll tell you if we meet. Cheers!


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