Renowned and globally acclaimed electronic brand, Binatone, has introduced a new series of products into the electrical markets.

Notable among them is an air purifier, standing fan with mosquito repellent and air freshener features set to improve the old fan features.

Known for its quality home appliances, Binatone has manufactured the new standing fan such that its durable blades effectively swivels to ensure a longer lifespan.

Unlike the regular fans, the new air purifier and remote control fan are customised as a noise-free product with 70 watts endurance power.

Additional features that come with the brand are the capability of shielding dust and collecting into filters, temperature sensors and special memory function to fit for frequent power instability regions and reminders.

Binatone has been in existence since 1958 in the United Kingdom as a result of the company’s desire to meet the modern lifestyle needs of customers and offer them products of value.